Montalto Uffugo (CS), Calabria
Address: Montalto Uffugo (CS), Calabria

Il Piccante

Il Piccante

Trito di Peperoncino

Il Piccante

With “Il Piccante” you will enjoy the intense and pungent aroma of fresh Calabrian chili pepper renowned all over the world, preserved in extra virgin olive oil according to traditional recipes, at your disposal at any time of the year.

Our chili peppers are totally free from chemical agents and cultivated in compliance with the seasonal rhythms of nature. Are hand-picked at the right ripeness, selected, cleaned and immediately
processed. They possess a unique scent and organoleptic qualities thanks of the land in which they are cultivated: those of Calabria of the Crati valley.

With an unmistakable scent and aroma, the Calabrian chili pepper is a spice used in many traditional recipes thanks to its medium spiciness (30,000 SHU), but with an excellent sweet aftertaste.

Its spicy taste has become part of many regional cuisines and essential for the success of a large number of dishes.